Romeo And Juliet Dbq

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The play, Romeo and Juliet, is about two star-crossed lovers that had been led to their death because of various actions of different characters. The actions that caused the death of these lovers were foolish. The characters that greatly impacted the death of Romeo and Juliet are the two households, Montague and Capulet, Friar Laurence and the two lovers themselves, Romeo and Juliet. Whether deliberately or unintentionally, their actions have all lead to the tragic death. To begin with, the grudge between the two families, Montague and Capulet, resulted in the children making their love discrete. It was clear that because of the feud, both families would not approve of the act. Juliet's father claims he will disown her if she doesn't marry the designated person who he deemed right to become her husband. He gave off the impression that he will disapprove of anyone else. The family riot has caused Romeo and Juliet's love to continue in secrecy which lead to foolish deeds and unfortunate death. …show more content…

Romeo did not know about the arrangement and wasn't given a decent explanation, so he believed Juliet was truly dead. This is shown in Document C, third note, "Now married to Romeo, Juliet asks Friar Laurence to help her avoid marrying Paris. The remedy is Friar Laurence's plan for Juliet to fake her own death." Other evidence was given in Document E, second note, "Friar Laurence is unable to deliver the letter informing Romeo that Juliet is not actually dead." Without proper clarification, Romeo has decided to kill himself by drinking poison. After seeing Romeo dead on her chest after awakening in her casket, Juliet then kills herself. Friar Laurence attempted to help the couple, but the delay to deliver the news cause death between the

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