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Forest Gump (played by Tom Hanks) is a film about a simple man who never thought himself below anyone, due to the massive support of his mother, Forrest’s life was everything but average, from being a football all-American, fighting in Vietnam becoming a Medal of Honor recipient, and captaining a shrimp boat, he influences all that come by him. Although things seemed easy to him, his biggest challenge of all is to save his best friend, and childhood love Jenny. Its purpose is to illustrate, how one with disabilities can go on facing adversary, and coming out on top almost every time.
The film Forest Gump is a great movie, because of its playful use of anecdotes throughout the plot, the simplicity of childlike optimism to influence those …show more content…

Supporting detail #3, whole plot involves sitting on a bench telling stories Body Section #3

a. Topic sentence: The film Forest Gump instills a feeling of hope into the viewer.
b. Supporting detail #1 through all the bad things that happened to Lt. Dan about how he hated his life after Vietnam because he thought that was his only purpose. You see many characters change a new leaf in this film. Lt. Dan goes from being a grumpy no legged man, to a happy optimistic, prosthesis wearing family man.
c. Supporting detail #2 throughout the plot of the film, Forest has pretty much one goal, and that is to have Jenny love him the way he loves her. Through thick and thin Forest never gave up on his true love. In the end it was bitter sweet, because Jenny passed but Forrest had a smart and aspiring Forest Gump jr.


a. Statement of relevance: The film Forest Gump, is a very well put together film, that has its own sub plot, and for those who pick up on those queues will appreciate the film even more. It expresses the simplicity of just telling a story, and making into a joy ride full of experiences. This film expresses that art, and entertainment doesn’t have to be over complicated. And when done right it could provide for very adequate

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