Four Types Of White Collar Crime

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According to Herbert Edelhertz white collar are of four types on the basis of motivation of the perpetrator. They are:-
1. Individual basis crime like as income tax evasion, bankruptcy fraud, credit purchase or taking loans with no intention to pay and insurance fraud.
2. In the course of employment. Such employment violates their duty of loyalty towards their customer and employee. Such crime are bribery, kickbacks, embezzlement and pilfering. These type of criminal are work for government, as business employee and other established firm.
3. Crime related to business operation such as food and drugs violation, misrepresentation in advertising and prescription fraud.
4. Crime as a business or as the central
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They are individual to individual like fraudulent lawyes and doctor etc, crime of employee against their company like embezzlers, crime commit by policy makers and violets trust, crime commit by public employee or servant , crime against consumer commit by merchant and business man and crime commit by agent of any organization. In sort Block and Geis classify white collar crime on the basis of nature of individual and involvement of individual.
General categorization of white collar crime developed by Croall. According to her white collar crime are of seven types and later added two
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Counterfeit intellectual property and product
5. Fraud on both companies and individual called as data compromise fraud.
6. Fraud which involves the conversion to his own use of funds or property by servant, an employment, an agent or any person who is entrusted al these by other person or company.
7. Sometime employee leak commercially sensitive information to other company who engage in that same trade or business. This is called as insider trading. It not effect public directly but sometime it effect market which directly affect public.
8. Most common fraud crime is tax fraud. Failure to pay direct taxes, indirect taxes and excises.
4.2. Consumer offences:- This type crime involve violation of law and regulation which related to production, distribution and sale of goods and services. Many advertisements which are fail in meets the general standard of advertisement like as advertisement related to health product, building safety compliance etc. television program which mainly mislead people like as that’s life, watchdog, sach ka amna samna, moneybox, kon banega crorepati etc. it also involve saleing of counterfeit

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