Four Year College Spending

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The education you receive and the money you spend is directly related. The time students spend and the decisions they make is also related to the money they pay out. Bachelor’s degrees are traditionally earned within a four year period. Students usually take up to five years or an extra semester to complete this degree. The time spent at four year universities is increasing and so is the cost. The whole point of college is to further your education and obtain more opportunities that the normal high school graduate. High paying jobs that were once obtainable by high school graduates and decreasing in opportunity and are going toward more college or four year degree graduates. College serves as a creator of options which then allows you to make a living and support yourself. The American way of life is to give yourself the best chance to get ahead. A college degree does not guarantee a job, but it puts you in a better position for one. …show more content…

This quote gives an insight to the extra cost of extra time at a four-year public university. The $63,718 is troublesome at first sight, but once that degree is obtained you can go into the workforce. A four-year public university may be an expensive cost to any normal American, but it is necessary for today 's

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