Fracking: Harmful To The Environment

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Some people say fracking is harmful to the environment by damaging nature and by causing water pollution. Some claim that fracking is damaging nature and the landscape; however, there is actually a new technology that help reduce the amount of wells that have to be made. In addition, some people claim that fracking contaminates the groundwater, even though there is no scientific evidence that fracking contaminates groundwater. As a result the National Groundwater Association and the government agency which represents the states have found no evidence that fracking is ruining the drinking water. (No Evidence of Groundwater Contamination from Fracking) In addition, there is sources that say that fracking doesn 't contaminate the groundwater like Lisa Jackson, the director of Environmental Protection Agency who said she is not aware of any proven case that says fracking affects the water. …show more content…

(Fracking and Poverty) Furthermore, “The gas industry has chosen to voluntarily tell what additives are used at each well site through the Frack Focus database” (“EIA Kids Natural Gas Basics”) So there are some disadvantages, but the advantages of fracking are more

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