Fracking Pros And Cons

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In the U.S. hydraulic fracking has been a main source of energy during today’s times, it 's cheap effectiveness makes us think this . People should know how hydraulic fracturing is not as clean and amazing as we think it is.Hydraulic fracking cannot be a sustainable option for America. There are too many faults for it to be upheld in the long run and we cannot depend on it as our main resource of energy forever. The way hydraulic fracturing is affecting the environment is too harmful for it to be a sustainable option. It contaminates drinking water, turns unused lands into industrial dumps. They pollute the air and with global warming emissions and create earthquakes. People’s right to clean water is being compromised by fracking industries, not being careful enough and their lack of regulations enforced on them. There are numerous occasions in …show more content…

This specifically goes against the Doctrine of Public Trust, a concept made to protect waters of the public. Fracking industries are spoiling the people 's water with chemicals unsafe to ingest or wash with/in. These chemicals are too dangerous to outweigh the positive benefits. Another environmental issue fracking causes is man made earthquakes happening only after fracking sites are set up. It was found out that the disposal wells pumped with used fracking chemical water are creating these man-made earthquakes. “If you pump water in a fault, the fault can slip, causing an earthquake.” These earthquakes, no matter how big or small are bothersome to a person 's

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