France Vs. France: The Original Political Parties In America

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The original political parties in America differed on their views for many things. For instance, a national bank, amount of strength for the government, and the interpretations of the Constitution. One of their biggest disagreements is the view of an alliance with the British vs. an alliance with the French. The Federalists wanted a British alliance over a French alliance. In my history book on page 291 it states, “They admired Britain because of its stability.” Britain hasn’t had as much problems with their government as France had. The British government was more stable and runs smoother with its laws and knowledge of how to keep a country together. They disliked France because of the violence that happened after the French revolution. The French are thought as cruel and violent people because of the thousands of people they killed in the war. Alexander Hamilton did not want …show more content…

France is a strong country that will recover from the revolution. Page 293 in my social studies book states, “ The democratic- republicans supported the french government. “ The government stayed strong even when the revolution was going on. Jefferson wasn’t very sure of Britain being an ally, because he couldn’t fully trust them, and their decisions. Also, Britain would not fully support america and our grand decisions. They had to make some hard decisions and Thomas Jefferson liked how they made a sacrifice to help their beloved country. Like America, France wanted a free country and a strong government. France and America are similar in other ways to. They both fought for what they thought is right, and wanted the people involved with the country. Back in the later days France was fond of the United States because of their support in the war. Making no reason for France to dislike America. Thomas Jefferson has great respect for France and made a clear choice that he would rather have France as an ally than

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