Who Is Victor Trying To Get Power In Frankenstein

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Joey Blaney Mrs. Schroder English IV 8, December 2016 Frankenstein Essay Throughout the book Frankenstein there are many different occasions when characters are trying to gain power over one another, but two in particular stands out to me. This is when Victor is trying to gain power over the creature, and then when the creature is trying to gain power over Victor. Victor is a creator, he wanted to create something that was never made before, he wanted to create human life. The process in which he did this was to collect dead human parts such as arms, legs, a torso from a cemetery. Once he got all these things collected he went to work, he stitched and stapled the whole body together to look like a human, in which it did. It did not just look …show more content…

But there is a conflict and this is that there is no one of his kind in the world; and because of this he becomes very sad. The creature confronts Victor and asks him to make another creature similar to him but female, and Victor begins to make another creature but stops in the middle of his project. The creature finds this out and begins to terrorize Victor, the creature gets Victor's attention by killing a child and then killing Victor's best friend. When the creature killed Victor's best friend Victor had known what had to be done. The last thing that made the creature have full control over Victor was that he killed his newly wed wife. Victor and his wife just got married and on the night of their marriage the creature killed her. The creature gains full power over Victor by affecting his family and friends, the monster knows that if he hurts them he hurts Victor. The thing that the creature did that hurt Victor the most was killing Victor's new wife, this drove Victor into an intense amount of dread and self hatred. The thing that he created killed all of his family, and Victor himself runs from the creature to save himself. When Victor runs from the creature he runs to another town, but the creature follows him there. Victor comes to the conclusion that the only way to escape the creatures fury is to …show more content…

The creators has to have power over what he created and take responsibility and control. Throughout the book the creature slowly beginning to gain full control over Victor through his family. These different power struggles grasp the reader's attention and make the book more interesting for the reader to

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