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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: An Analysis of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
“Justine died, I rested” (111), were the words of the male protagonist, Victor, in Mary Shelley’s original 1818 text of Frankenstein. In Frankenstein, Shelley depicts a flawed legal system as it favors men and leads to women’s destruction in three trials: Justine’s, Victor’s, and the De Lacey families’ trial. The justice system in the novel is sexist as there are moments where male characters shirk responsibility at the expense of women. This paper will unpack each ordeal to further argue the sexist law system, such as Justine’s death penalty, including the De Lacey’s trial and Victor’s dismissal.
Justine Moritz suffered from Victor Frankenstein’s responsibility, the …show more content…

It was quickly solved due to his superior gender and the ability to acquire a lawyer. This is seen in the following quotation “Mr. Kirwin charged himself with every care of collecting witnesses and arranging my defense. I was spared the disgrace of appearing publicly as a criminal, as the case was not brought before the court that decides on life and death. The grand jury rejected the bill, on its being proof that I was on the Orkney islands at the hour of the body of my friend was found, and a fortnight after my removal I was liberated from prison” (Shelley 187). This demonstrates the unjust system in the novel as Victor had a lawyer on his side, Mr. Kirwin and other minority characters were not permitted such luxury. The case against Victor Frankenstein did not reach court further noting the lack of severity for his case. The next quote presents the reader with insight into Victor’s thoughts concerning what his creation has done: “When I reflected on his crimes and malice, my hatred and revenge burst all bounds of moderation” (Shelley 112). This quotation portrays Victor’s guilt and is a turning point in the novel where he realizes the monster is his responsibility and he must put an end to its madness. Victor received little to no repercussions concerning his illegal behavior. He should have received a penalty as the death of William is indirectly his fault. The justice system accused the wrong person, and an …show more content…

Her father had been wrongfully charged with a crime. “The injustice of his sentence was very flagrant” (Shelley 138). This quotation exposes how corrupt the justice system is and is now ruining a family. Safie was used as bait by her father and was married off. “The father of Safie had been the cause of their ruin” (Shelley 137). It is because of her father that has led to her suffering. However, this was the father’s plan all along as seen in the following quotation: “The Turk allowed this intimacy to take place, and encourage the hopes of the youthful lovers, while in his heart he had formed far other plans.” The father arranged a marriage for his daughter, Safie, to Felix and then had always planned to leave her. He could have been more caring towards his daughter as she is his responsibility. Subsequently, it is due to the father’s unjust sentence that led to his daughter’s misfortune, which highlights the tainted justice

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