Fraternities And Sororities Should Be Banned Essay

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Fraternities and sororities first traced back to the eighteenth century. In the beginning it was an independent environment. Then they began to enlarge. The students created a way to bring young woman or young men together who are seeking quality friendships. It became a university choice to allow fraternities and sororities, now having these type of student organizations represent the school, and their excellence. Overall, being in a sorority or fraternity can lead to things you might regret when you make the wrong decisions. We should ban fraternities and sororities because of all the conflict, no supervision or monitoring, and the life toll on students. Why fraternities and sororities are creating so many conflicts? Well fraternities and …show more content…

Molly stated on, they should not be banned. She explained that, “Not only are they a college tradition they offer many unique experiences that help students get involved in the community through the many parties and social events thrown by the frats. College is not only about grades. It 's about the experience as well. If frats are banned we not only lose a college tradition we also lose the full experience of college.” I believe Molly is correct but, most of these students that join the frats are experiencing the wrong way. Everyone is allowed to have fun and enjoy the university tradition, but if students are getting harmed or killed in the process. How can you get a real long-lasting proper experience;if your 6 feet in the ground? Robert tweeted that fraternities should not be banned as well. He stated that, “No, fraternities should not be banned. Although I understand that college is meant for students to learn not study, I believe fraternities offer great opportunities that cannot be matched elsewhere.” I completely disagree with this statement. There is a time and place for everything. Yes, college is an eye opener in the real world experience. But there are and should be set boundaries. The frats are overstepping those

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