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Do you have to be famous to be a hero? Do you have to have billions of dollars to be a hero? Do you have to have superpowers to be a hero? No, you don’t have to have billions of dollars or superpowers to be a hero. Because a hero is someone who suffers from mental and physical danger or pain even though it could be avoided by trying to be helpful, genuine, inspirational, and selfless. To clarify, heroes have certain qualities and traits that make them heroes and define why they are heroes. Usually they are either a strength, or a weakness. Strengths are usually what help heroes overcome their weaknesses. Weaknesses are usually what make them heroes. But it is not about their weaknesses, it’s about their strengths, some examples of …show more content…

Frederick Douglass was a hero. He was loyal, determined, and most of all, he cared. He cared for all of the people or slaves who were treated wrongly, for all the kids who were sold to different slave owners as their relatives, and he didn’t just care, he helped. According his own autobiography, he wanted all slaves to feel the same feeling he felt when he became free and wanted to share it with everyone, the text states, “I have frequently been asked how I felt when I found myself in a free state”...”It was a moment of the highest excitement I have ever experienced”(Douglas). He wanted every person to know how it was to feel free, and he fought to make that happen. In addition, Abraham Lincoln, like Frederick Douglass, was also a hero. He was selfless, he sacrificed his own life and safety so that others could live their own fine. He was the captain of the ship we call America, the pilot of the plan we call liberty, the father of the son we call freedom. He fought for liberty and freedom for everyone, no matter your ethnicity. He fought until he died, but his cause he fought for isn’t dead. It is still alive and well, and he played a big role in equal rights for blacks.. According to Abraham Lincoln’s sermon, by Dr. Phineas D. Gurley, “He is dead; but the cause he so ardently loved, so ably, patiently, faithfully represented and defended-not for himself only, not for us only, but for all …show more content…

Scientists who spend years of their lives trying to find cures for diseases. The teenager who says no to crack. The inner-city kid who works at McDonald’s instead of selling drugs.” This shows that heroes are people who care for other people and does what is necessary to make everyone well, if it means not making much money. A hero does not care for only them-self. They aren’t greedy or ignorant. Heroes take problems in a rational way and deal with their problems calmly and usually without violence. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. was just a normal man, like you or me, but he led violence free protests and eventually got equal rights for blacks. That is what being a hero is about. It isn’t about knowing how to fight, or being very smart, it’s about doing what you can to help people who can’t help themselves. As you can see, heroes aren’t greedy, spiteful, or careless, they care for people to the greatest ability that they can, and that is what makes them a

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