Paul Revere: A Hero From The American Revolution

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“No matter what you do you'll never run away from you”. Paul Revere is a hero from the american Revolution. A hero is someone that is courageous, wise, intelligent,and respected. A hero fights battles, struggles at times,works towards something, protects something, or aids someone. They also show pride and determination in what they do. Many things go into being a hero but a hero is not always someone that wears a cape.

People need heroes because heroes inspire us to become better people. Heroes set a good example for us and greatly affect our future. Some important traits of a hero are leaders who put others first and people who display patience. Heroes during the American Revolution enabled the United States to win its independence. …show more content…

A hero does not tell us us to give to the poor when he gives little himself but rather a hero lives the words they speak. Heroes are not always the ones that win but rather they are the ones that lose sometimes but keep trying and fighting. Heroes are not just ordinary people instead they are ordinary people that make themselves extraordinary.

Paul Revere is a hero because he risked his life for the colonists. Paul Revere was selflessness because he was more concerned for the others safety more than his own and an example is when he traveled the Midnight Ride. He is brave because he held illegal meetings in Boston even when the British were around. Lastly, Paul Revere was a hero because he showed strength when he had to overcome from being sought after and captured by the British

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