Frederick Douglass Hardships

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Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey also known as Frederick Douglas was born in Talbot County, Maryland in February of 1818. Frederick Douglass was unsure of year he was born at the time, as most slaves were not allowed to know their age. Douglas was born into slavery in plantation. He also lived a tough life not only because he was born into slavery but also because he was separated from his mother when he was born. Douglas lived with his grandmother Betty Bailey. It was believed that his father was his own slave owner. At such a young age, his mother passes away due to illness. Because of the slavery scene, he was not allowed to attend the funeral of his own mother. He was in much pain but not because of his mother's death, but because they were separated for the majority of his life, they did not get the opportunity to …show more content…

They were given leisure time and the owners would not appear cruel towards their slaves. The better treated the slaves were, the better the owners looked. He did not mind leaving the plantation because he did not have any family that he was leaving behind like most people did. Douglass keeps a positive attitude throughout the hardships because he believes that it could always be worse. At his new home, he is treated much differently than most slaves do. He was treated with kindness and was not punished unlike how most slaves are treated. His owner's wife wasn't familiar with slaves and she thought it would be nice to teach Douglass how to read and write. This was illegal because it would let slaves think they could be educated and it would make them unmanageable. One day Douglass and his owner got into a fight because he had to show Douglass his place in slavery but Douglass caught on quickly and won the fight against his own master. After the fight, his owner never touched him ever again. During his time as a slave, he thought about his new skill in reading and

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