Free Will In Pandora, Pyche And Eros, And Perseus

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Rough Draft What 's the difference between fate and free will, and how does it impact the story? Fate is what is dicided for you, while free will is what you decide. In any story you use at least one of these and they will affect the story immenselely. I will be showing a fate or free will in Pandora, Pyche and Eros, and Perseus and how they affect the plot of the story. 

 The first story I 'm going to wright about is Pandora. Pandora has a huge part in the story 
that changes that changes the plot. When Pandora is feeling curious and wants to open the box she makes a dicision with free will to open it "She took it in her fingures and, almost without intending it, she was soon busily engaged in trying to undo it." After she undid the box and opened it, it unleashed …show more content…

This shows how free will affected Pandora in a negative way to the plot.

 In Pyche and Eros a large part of the story was based on free will. Psyche was convinced by her sisters to check if her fate to marry a terrible monster has come true. So she snuck into her husbands room "and when her husband has fallen into his deep sleep, she went silently to his bedside and held the light above him." She happily found out he was not a monster but she mistakenly "Leaned over, accedenltly tipping the candle." She spilled the wax on Eros and alerted him. This changes the plot of the story completely because now Eros is hurt by her little trust in him.

 My last story is Perseus. Fate decided the entire story for Perseus right the beginning. The King, got a prophecy about his daughter Danaë 's unborn son so he locked her up against her will "And Danaë was placed in prison for the rest of her days". This is a fate decided by the king. She in jail meets Zues and has a son Perseus.

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