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Ishant Ghimiray Ms. Baker English 8-Period 8 13 March 2023 Friar Lawrence’s role for the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet In the city of Verona there lived two houses that hate each other that constantly fight. Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play by William Shakespeare that tells the story of two young lovers who come from feuding families. Friar Lawrence is a character who played a role in the tragic end of the play. He made several poor choices that ultimately led to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. One reason Friar Lawrence is to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet, because he decided to marry the two. Romeo got into the mascarade party and met Juliet and instantly fell in love. Romeo climbed to Juliet’s balcony and decided to get married the following morning, but to do that they had too ask Friar Lawrence to marry them. Friar is shocked at the news, he proceeds to say “I will help you for just one reason”(Shakespeare II.iii.93). This quote shows that Friar …show more content…

However Friar Lawrence is more at fault for failing to deliver the letter to Romeo about the plan with Juliet. So far the plan is working perfectly, Juliet is presumably “dead” and has been taken to the tomb, but Friar John gets stuck in quarantine and is unable to deliver the letter. Friar John says “I couldn’t send it. Here it is” (Shakespeare V.II.14). This quote shows that the letter hasn’t reached Romeo and the plan has failed. There is a quote that shows that Friar Lawrence has failed to deliver the letter to Romeo. Friar realizes his mistake and sees how much it affects the plan. Friar says that the “Failure too deliver it, could do much damage”(Shakespeare V.II.20). Quote shows Friar has made a mistake, even Friar Lawrence himself realizes, that’s why he is to blame for their death. These two quotes show the failure to deliver the letter to Romeo which led to the death of the two

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