Friar Lawrence Responsible For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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When a death occurs, people panic, actions are regretted, and mysteries are thought about throughout the day. Unfortunately, it is impossible to change anything, and the only choice is to cope with the loss. At times, people that look guilty are excused, but it's the least guilty looking people that may have been responsible for contributing to the death of a loved one. Romeo and Juliet is a play written by WIlliam Shakespeare who did an excellent job of proving that many different characters can be responsible in different ways for contributing to a death. So in the end, Romeo and Juliet may have been the ones that triggered each other to commit death due to their unique and intense situation, but Friar Lawrence allowed that situation to occur …show more content…

It was Friar Lawrence who ended up convincing Juliet to make the decisions she had made. When Juliet is looking for a way to avoid the marriage with Paris, Friar Lawrence comes in and advises Juliet to “take thou this vial, being then in bed” (4.1.95). A genuine problem solver would have discovered an additional solution for Juliet that wasn't related to death or the idea of faking death as death is a way to cause more chaos. Therefore, this eventually leads to Romeo’s death as Romeo would not have poisoned himself, if Juliet was in a different condition. In addition, even after Juliet woke up, Friar Lawrence eventually left her while stating “ I dare no longer stay” (5.3.164). If Friar Lawrence truly did not want more problems to arise, he should have offered to stay with Juliet and help her recover. Consequently Juliet decides there's no other choice other than death as no one is there to advise her

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