Gabriel In Fences

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In Fences by August Wilson, Gabriel is presented as a veteran from World War II who was injured and receives disability money is taken from him because of his brother. That doesn’t give Gabriel any justice because of white superiority that controls the life of blacks. This play by Wilson takes place in the 1950s a time period where blacks started the period of better advancements for black veterans with disabilities. Veterans with disabilities or any person with a disability is no treated the same. Gabriel is treated as a fool who has no real purpose anymore because he is not the same so Troy and the world look and treat them differently. Gabriel’s name signifies the Angel Gabriel and believes he was sent from God to chase the hellhounds …show more content…

Gabriel wanders around the neighborhood singing and people believe he shouldn’t be doing that. Gabriel is then arrested and gets bailed by his brother for fifty dollars. The government is taking of advantage of Gabe’s ‘craziness’ to continue getting him bailed out so that the jail and government keep receiving fifty dollars. Troy betrayed his brother and sent him to a mental hospital because he couldn’t stand seeing his brother not be stable. Once signing Gabriel to go to the hospital they took him away and Troy got half of his money. Gabriel just continues to get taken advantage of and no one does anything to help him. “[Rose} said send him to the hospital…[Troy] said let him be free…now [Troy] done went down there and signed him to the hospital for half of his money. [Troy] went back on himself…”(Wilson 75) Gabriel being considered a disabled veteran is not fair for him because he is taken advantage …show more content…

Since he is a black man and went to war didn’t help his cause as much. He did receive his disability check and got his surgery to place the metal plate in his head since he was severely injured. The government gave him money and thanked him for his service and he lives his days believing that God sent him to open the gate. When Veterans come out of war, many of them suffer many different problems and back in the 1950s. These problems were not solved. Wilson shows that even those characters that seem lost in life and are taken advantage are the most wise. Those characters shouldn’t be seen different because they are the most influential characters since they know more than what they look like they

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