Galileo Alone: Why A Compromise Is Required

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Professor of Mathematics at the College of Rome- Belinda McNear Moderate Faction Neither Trent nor Galileo Alone: Why a Compromise is Required Galileo’s findings have caused much chaos and uproar in the religious community. He has separated scripture and science and reinterpreted the scripture in a way that suits his needs. Galileo is, without question, guilty of heresy. But is it not his God given right to question and act on curiosity? Would God have given us the means and curiosity to look out into the stars if he did not intend for us to look? While I do believe that Galileo has committed wrong, I do not believe he should be punished of the highest degree of heresy as so many are calling for. Of all Galileo’s findings, his observations of the moon are the most shocking. If the moon, a perfect body held far above our realm in a heavenly sphere, …show more content…

I do not believe so. As Galileo said in his letter to the Grand Duchess Christina, “They seemed to forget that the increase of known truths stimulates the investigation, establishment, and growth of the arts…”. I believe Galileo’s words to be true. Without new findings the world cannot advance. Where would we be now had Aristotle not expanded on his mentor’s view of the heavens? This is why a compromise must be struck. The Holy Office, of course, would retain power to alter manuscripts and ideas that may be harmful to both the scientific and religious community. But new ideas, even those that may not fall completely in line with or even challenge scripture, cannot be turned away because this would dishearten scholars and drive them elsewhere. At the same time, however, it is important that scholars and scientists see the error of Galileo’s reckless publication of his findings, and learn from him in order to promote their ideas and findings in a way that appeals to everyone and does not challenge the

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