Gamestop Mission Statement

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Strategic Goals In the video game and console market, GameStop is facing an ever-changing industry that is moving away from the standard brick-and-mortar retail store model to a digital download sales model. For GameStop to stay competitive in this new market, we have identified 2 strategic goals that follow GameStop’s mission statement and will keep them relevant in the gaming market. GameStop’s mission statement is: “Our GameStop, EB Games and Electronic Boutique retail locations set us apart in the industry. Everything that we offer our customers-from our expansive selection of new products, to our knowledgeable associates and our value-added pre-owned products is geared to deliver customer satisfaction. We complement our store …show more content…

The resale market accounts for “26 percent of GME revenues” and “offers nearly 47 percent gross margins” (Derousseau, 2016). 1. GameStop will utilize a yearlong promotion offering additional store credit with the purchase or pre-order of new games or game releases. The additional store credit will cause a decrease in the profit margin to the store when the games are resold. This promotion will increase the sales of new games at the store level by exposing new and existing customers to the service level that GameStop provides that other competing retailers do not. 2. GameStop will offer a $10 discount on their Elite membership with the trade-in of certain games or consoles. The promotion will run from October thru February to capture the holiday buying season and the trade-ins of last year’s top games. GameStop will reduce the revenue stream generated from membership fees but will encourage current members to upgrade their membership level and entice new customers to become members at a higher level to take advantage of the benefits offered at the Elite

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