Garner's Argument Against Racial Profiling

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trying to get the same respect as any other white person around that would come along. In an attempt for more racial equality they were beaten and harassed. (

Rodney King was an African American male who had gotten pulled over. He was pulled over for speeding and in a big car chase. At the end of the chase he had beaten brutally by officers. Imagine this happing to you how you would feel physically and mentally as they continually beat on you. You just lying there wondering ‘am I going to dead and when is it going to stop. This is important because it was one of the first acts of the police being overly aggressive caught on camera.

Eric Garner is a more recent example of a time police used excessive force. He was an African American male who was choked to death. In an attempt to sell cigarettes on the street Garner caught the police’s attention. As the police were trying to arrest him one of them decided to bring him down by his neck. In the video Garner can clearly an repeatedly be herd saying that he couldn’t breathe. You’d think that if you told them that you couldn’t breathe they would at least ease up on you a little. Ultimately Garner had died and he being choked was …show more content…

He says that black men and boys and Latino men and boys in to many places get treated differently under the law. A growing research shows that people of color are more likely to be stopped, frisked, questioned, charred and detained. African Americans are more likely to be arrested and receive more time for the same crime. That our criminal justice system is as smart, keep as safe, and not as fair as it should. The mass incarceration is making our country worse. If you’re a person of color then the justice system will most likely not be in your favor. Overall we can see this as an example of when police brutality isn’t just physical force. (President Obama/The White House Twitter

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