Gary Leon Ridgway's Killing Women

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Gary Leon Ridgway began killing women in 1982 and was caught in 2001. He was convicted of killing at least 48 women in Washington state. He was born on February 18th 1949, in Salt Lake City Utah. He held a job painting trucks for 30 years. He was married three different times. Gary was raised near seattle’s pacific highway, a deprived neighborhood near seatac airport, Ridgway was a poor student and was sent to vietnam after high school. When he returned, he was fanatical about religion, Ridgway was also a frequent customer of prostitutes. He was convicted when the DNA test revealed a match.
Most of his victims were alleged to be prostitutes and other women in vulnerable situations, including underage runaways. The press gave him his …show more content…

“I killed so many women I have a hard time keeping them straight,” he said in a statement read by the Deputy Prosecutor Jeff Baird. Mr. Ridgway planned to kill as many women as he could and all were prostitutes. He stated he picked prostitutes because he hated them and he didn 't want to pay for sex. He also choose them so they would be less likely to be noticed when there gone and easy to pick up. Ridgway’s deal to plead guilty to 48 counts of aggravated first-degree murder means he will be spared from execution. He now faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. A sentence date has not been …show more content…

Much of what we know about societies, relationships, and social behavior has emerged thanks to various sociology theories. Herbert Blumer, a former student and interpreter of Mead, coined the term ‘symbolic interactionism’ and put forward an influential summary of the perspective stating that: people act toward things based on the meaning those things have for them. Serial killers could be described as symbolic interaction theory. the view of social behavior that emphasizes linguistic or gestural communication and its subjective understanding, especially the role of language in the formation of the child as a social being.Some theories have fallen out of favor, while others remain widely accepted, but all contributed tremendously to our understanding of society. Symbolic interaction theory analyzes society by addressing the subjective meanings that people impose on objects, events, and behaviors. This describes Gary Ridgway because he only addressed women who were prostitutes. That is him addressing the victims on there behaviors and doing what he does because of there occupation, he believes he should not have to pay for

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