Gender Disparities In Crime

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According to the article released by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), males accounted for 74.59 percent of the over 12 million arrests in the United States (Federal Bureau of Investigation,2014). This disparities in crimes committed by the two genders is a trend that is seen worldwide. Although it was that female crime rates would come close to male crime rate as the two genders took similar responsibilities in society. Research shows that the social status of male and female criminal is basically the same, which means that there must be something that results in the disparity. Studies have linked masculinity to criminal behavior in males. It is believed that masculinity is inculcated in boys during adolescence (Keinert,2003). This makes more boys than girls engage in more delinquent behavior at this age. Society also accepts aggressive behaviors from …show more content…

This leads to women committing less offensive crimes, that results in fewer injuries and property damage. Most of the crimes committed by females are related to survival related such as, stealing, and participation on prostitution(Conover-William & Teal,2015). Female also undergo strict upbringing causes fewer women and man to join gangs. Research shows that most of the time,women are introduced to crimes by their mates,parents and family members.

This paper illustrates the difference between male and female while committing crimes. Our society wants males and females to act certain way so, the reason behind males committing more violent crimes than female,because as we grow up we are encouraged to act according to our gender. As we read the book Crime and the American Dream it also provides us huge, research and statistics behind why gender and crime. This paper will help readers to understand the different crimes committed by different sex and how it is related to social

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