Gender Stereotypes In The 1920's

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“People tend to overestimate the difference because they notice the extremes” Zlata Krizan. In this quote she talks about how people focus on the really big things that are different, but there are so many little things that are the same. They say that gender stereotypes are not has bad has the once were. Well study shows that gender stereotypes are just as bad today has they were 30 years ago. Men and women should be treated equal in Jobs, at home and sports. They are biological differences, but not limited. In the 1920s women could not work jobs they were to be housewives, they were supposed to take care of kids, cook and clean. Basically they were property of men they had no say in what they want to with their lives. This was…show more content…
today we have men and women working all types of jobs, but there are gender stereotypes that say what kind of jobs men and women should do. Some of the stereotypes are that women should do “clean jobs” Like teaching, librarian, housewives. While men should do the “dirty jobs” mechanic, doctor, firemen policemen. Statistics show that women cannot be doctor they should be nursed men are only doctors. There are so many more male doctors than woman like General surgery Male physicians: 84.6 percent and Female physicians: 15.4 percent and it 's like this in all the doctor fields. What makes it hard for woman to become doctors because it 's hard to get hired. When it comes to hiring people for a job it should not depend on their gender it should be determined by their skill level. The AAUW did a little experiment to do a gender test. They took to resume that are the exact same except one little thing, one was john and the other was jennifer. They went around to about 100 scientists and asked which one they would hire. Most of the faculty chose john over jenifer. They had the exact same remain, but most of them choose john. That 's so weird to think about they hired john because he 's a man. In this same experiment Some of the scientist offer them both a job, but, The man was offered a higher salary than the women. AAUW Shows us in 2015 there was a gap in pay between women and men. Men pay 51,212 and women 's pay 40,742 that 's a 10,470 dollars difference and…show more content…
We have our jobs and we should all have “jobs at home” more commonly now has chores. In lots of homes, including mine most of the chores are for women. We wash dishes and do the laundry and clean the house while the men take out the trash. Parents have admitted to not teaching there boy how to do chores they teach their son how to take out the trash and mow the lawn. That 's so sad to think that 's how we are raising our boys that they don 't need to do any housework because that 's a “woman 's job”. We need to be careful on what we teach our kids on gender roles. How do we learn gender roles? They are passed down to generation to generation. From the age 3 children are able to start becoming aware of the difference between girls and boys based on the action of the parent and the nature of the environment. We teach our kids this without even realizing it. Women talk about wanting equality, but we are teaching our kids these stereotypes. In the household, we need to do everything together show that men can do the laundry or sometimes cook diner men and women should be equally at home first before we are equal anywhere else. we have kids we get toys based on their gender. If it 's a girl then we get pink toys and they get the princess. Boys get army men and cars. WE assume that 's what they 're going to like and we don 't really see this but we are separating girls and boys at a very young age. Studies have shown that children will most likely choose to play

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