General Dwight D Lee's Accomplishments

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When looking back onto the great history of American leaders and generals, many names notably stand out. These American heroes helped to shape the future of our country, from the efforts of General Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Second World War, to General Douglas Macarthur of the Korean War, to even George Washington in the Revolutionary War. Regardless, each of these brave leaders allowed for their respective forces to attain victory, yet in this caveat, the legacy of many brilliant and skillful generals is lost. Victory does not determine skill, and such a notion has never attested to a military leader as much as it applies to General Robert E. Lee, of the Confederate Forces in the American Civil War. Lee’s proficiency in battle tactics and …show more content…

After being transferred around as a military engineer, Lee returned home in 1829 where he attempted to court Mary Curtis, a dame he had known since he was a child. Yet once again, Lee’s poor past impacted these attempts, and Mary Curtis’s father denied Lee’s attempts due to his father’s shame. Regardless, Lee persevered, and eh achieved his blessing in 1830, and the pair were married later that year. From here, Lee’s career continued and it began to blossom. Though still relatively poor and modest, the pair had a son named Curtis Lee, all while Lee was occupied as a junior officer. Lee continued on, and eventually he was allowed to become an assistant to a general in Washington D.C. and was further assigned to accompany an expedition to Michigan. While he was gone however, his wife became very ill following the birth of their second child, all without Lee’s knowledge. While Lee was out furthering his knowledge and creating a career for himself, his life continued to be shaken by such occurrences, yet despite these hardships, his legacy is remembered as one of success. As his career continued, he would carve out his name as one of the most decisive leaders of the time, but this development still required much more

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