Genetically Modified Corn Essay

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Genetically modified corn has had a positive impact on the Australian Food industry
By William Keogh

Genetic modification of crops has improved the food industry.

I constructed my research question by making it relevant to Australia but also incorporating other countries as an example of how genetically modified corn has improved or hasn’t affected the food industry.
Research Question:
Has the genetic modification of corn increased the food industry by increasing corns yield and the speed of photosynthesis?

Background Information:
Throughout the last 20 years Australians have joined the growing trend of producing genetically modified food. The Australian government have realised the economic and environmental positives of introducing GM food into the community. Matthew Cossey, Chief Executive Officer of the national peak organisation for Australia’s plant science sector, CropLife Australia has released a statement hoping to persuade concerned members of …show more content…

We can see how selective breeding has impacted the overall kernels and size of the corn, this has greatly benefited the current community, by feeding more families and having more for the value.
The Mesoamericans started selectively breeding corn/maize with corn that had a greater number of kernels that are also softer. Every time corn was selectively bred the genetics were improved and each corn was an improvement to the last. (National Centre for Biotechnology Information,

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