Genetically Modified Foods Persuasive Essay

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Many people are unaware that the food they are consuming mostly came from a science lab. There is controversy whether or not food giants should label which products are genetically modified or not. They should label those products for customer satisfaction, safety, and possibly more money. I am not against genetically modified foods. Personally, I believe that they have improved some of today’s products. However, many consumers do not know which foods are modified or not. If those products were labeled as genetically modified, consumers would be able to pick and choose from the products they want based on their allergies and beliefs. The overall satisfaction among shoppers would most likely increase as people like choices. The more a person knows about what the different products are made of, the more likely that will make a decision that will satisfy themselves. …show more content…

How many people could be allergic to different synthetic foods? According to an article by XiaoZhi Lim, there was a national survey taken and genetically modified foods do not pose any more risk to a person's allergies than natural grown foods. Now this might be true, but we make new chemicals every day for all different kinds of materials. A lot of them most likely don’t go through a vigorous consumer test for allergies. They should label those products for liability. If a person is aware that the products is genetically modified and if they are aware of every ingredient, they won’t be able to sue the company it came from because the consumer was aware of what they were consuming. Labeling these products will let consumers know that there is a tiny health risk if they are unaware of their own

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