Genie Sense Of Self

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As Genie cognitively progresses throughout the years after rescue, she gains the abilities to respond to others and interact with certain objects. Even though she did not properly develop her self identity during her childhood, there is evidence that she is beginning to conceptualize her sense of self during her teen years. Feral children, such as Genie, lack a self concept impairing their development. However, in order to solve this, they must require the agents of socialization, immerse themselves in culture, and undergo socialization methods, such as Mead’s “Stages of the Self.” Through constant nurturing and therapy, Genie would have a chance to develop her sense of self and recovery from her previous, feral state. Genie lacks the necessary agents of socialization affecting her cognitive development. Family is the primary factor of socialization which can help a developing child learn how to function in society. Extreme isolation and punishment by her father, impaired Genie’s ability to learn and master basic skills. In addition, Genie did not attend school and barely left the house preventing her from experiencing secondary socialization and peer groups. Without any interaction, Genie is unable to vocalize and displays inhuman characteristics such as clawing and spitting. No sense of self is conceptualize during her childhood causing developmental consequences. However, when she is cared for at the Children’s Hospital, she is given a chance to socialize and gradually
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