George And Lennie Abuse

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When you promise to care for someone's life who can’t take care of their own, would you take on the task or just brush it off your shoulder. George broke a promise to someone he's known his entire life. How can that be someone who is considered a good caretaker. George and Lennie are the odd match. George worked for Lennie’s aunt and when she passed george and lennie stuck together. At first George had taken advantage of Lennie to the point which was life threatening for lennie. After when george seemed to care about Lennie it seemed that george was still used to bossing Lennie around. Just like second nature or a bad habit. George would threaten lennie when he was frustrated, not only would he mentally abuse him, he didn’t take the responsibility of being Lennie’s caretaker. …show more content…

An example of this statement is the following quote, when Lennie was holding on to a mouse and won’t let go: “Lennie hesitated, backed away, looked wildly at the brush line as though he contemplated running for his freedom. George said coldly, "You gonna give me that mouse or do I have to sock you?" George is being verbally violent, which is usually unhealthy in a friendship. George seemed to show signs of not caring about Lennie. George knew of Lennie’s condition yet he seemed to be cruel anyway. Lennie loves George, but George is ashamed of Lennie, as proven in this quote. "You said I was your cousin, George." "Well, that was a lie. An' I'm damn glad it was. If I was a relative of yours I'd shoot myself." In this quote, George had told some of the guys that he and Lennie are cousins, and then Lennie tells him “you said I was your cousin,” and George is ashamed and says he would never want to be related to him. George is affectionate towards Lennie, as proven by this quote: "I wasn't kicked in the head with no horse, was I,

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