George Bush Dbq 11

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The way George W. Bush handled the attack on the World Trade Centre on September 11th, 2001 is considered a hero. When the planes hit and the towers fell, as the President he had a hard decision as the whole country was looking to him for calming words in this time of pain. When Bush was first informed about the attack he was walking into a classroom in Florida to read to a group of young children, at this time he went ahead and continued with the children, until he was informed about the second plane. He sat there for several minutes in shock but finished reading; he later said that he was thinking “I looked at the faces of the children in front of me. I thought about the contrast between the brutality of the attacks and in the innocence …show more content…

Bush began to change the United States. Three days after these attacks George W. Bush stood at Ground Zero where the twin towers were still smoking and spoke to our country with peace. He spoke to first responders and firefighters that they were all in the country's prayers. Bush spoke from the heart on that day with a combination of gratitude towards the rescue workers, defiance toward the terrorists and with pride that they would bring justice to the evil doers. He started what began to be called the Global War on Terrorism. The U.S. government increased military operations, economic measures and political pressure on groups they accused of being terrorists, as well as the governments and countries they belonged too. October 2001 is when the first military action initiated by George began, in which NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) invaded Afghanistan in order to remove the Taliban,(which held the Al-Qaeda) and to capture Al-Qaeda forces. Bush’s administration also created the Department of Homeland Security. Soon after Congress passed Aviation and Transportation Security Act which we still use to this day. He helped shape our governmental forces to become stronger. George W. Bush show’s what a real hero is by all that he did during his time in office. This paper showed one specific time where he was a hero to our country, using his strength, dignity, and faith that our country would make it through such terrible

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