1984 Snowpiercer Analysis

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1984 and Snowpiercer
Adapol Aupalanon 2014462005

This essay is a review of the novel 1984 and the movie Snowpiercer. The essay will mainly focus on how the organizations (the ruling classes) exploit their people. Therefore, the organizational metaphor that organization has been associated with domination, which is purposed by Gareth Morgan in his book Images of Organizations, will be mainly used for the analyzation. Also, other organizational theories will be used and discussed in the last section of the essay.

The 1984 is a political novel written by George Orwell. It is mainly about a futuristic totalitarian regime called Oceania which is under the absolute control of a single party. Winston Smith is a main character of the novel. He is
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Also, Robert Michels developed the view that organizations always end up under the control of narrow groups and tend to form a monopoly of power. In the novel and the movie, all the people are under the control of the small groups of people which are the inner party members in the 1984 and the elites in the very front section of the train in the Snowpiercer. Max Weber also mentioned that domination can occur through several ways such as through force or threat, and through…show more content…
In Oceania, brainwashing is an effective method to dominate the society. Almost all of them have been brainwashed even children. Those children have been turned into spies. They have been taught and brainwashed to adore Big Brother, the party, or anything connected to it, such as the yelling of slogans, the songs, or whatever. It is not uncommon that those children watch over their parents day and night for symptoms of unorthodoxy and if their parents look suspicious, they will unhesitatingly denounce their parents to the Thought Police. At the end of the story, Mr. Parsons, a loyal outer party member, was also denounced by his daughter because he was talking in his sleep and said, “Down with Big Brother” over and over again. However, he was still proud that he raised her daughter in the right
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