George Washington Slavery

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Augustine Washington married a woman named Janet Butler and proceeded to have three children, none of whom being George Washington himself. Due to the death of Augustine’s first wife, he remarried to Mary Ball, and had George Washington, their first child together on February 22, 1732, on their plantation in Westmoreland County, Virginia. In 1738, the family was moved for the second time to Ferry Farm where George lived most of his youth.
George started school when he was six as most boys did, at local private schools or with private tutors. After the death of his father, George at just age eleven became the man of the house and assisted his mother in the managing of the Rappahannock River Plantation, although most of the property was handed …show more content…

After both of Martha’s children had passed away, Martha would join Washington in his winter quarters every year of the war. There, she nursed the sick and wounded, and Washington made it her war too.
Washington, after the war worked very hard to make Mount Vernon a more profitable estate. He enlarged his house, after making wheat his main cash crop, Washington build two large millstones to grind his wheat and corn. Shortly after, he began making whiskey, something like what we would call moonshine today.
Slavery is a big thing that we wonder about presidents, Washington saw nothing morally wrong with slaves and inherited eleven of his own slaves when his father passed away. When he wedded the slave doubled due to the “dower slaves” that Martha brought to the marriage. Washington made attempts to all of his slaves, but he couldn't free the “dower slaves” because they were not his property. By freeing his slaves he hoped to set a good example, but he was the only one of the founding fathers to do …show more content…

He decided to write to James Madison about a reform that was essential for recovery. In 1787, Washington was traveling to Philadelphia to attend a convention to make changes to the Articles of Confederation, and there he was chosen unanimously to preside over this convention, which was a job that would take four months, and he took this job very seriously. Once the Constitution had been approved, Washington had expected to retire, again to his private life, but when the first presidential election had been held, he was voted in unanimously, and remains the only president that has experienced

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