Geronimo Return To Arizon Film Analysis

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After Geronimo’s surrender, he was sent to Florida as punishment. When he surrendered, the United States government told him and his people that they would only have to stay in Florida. Then they could return to Arizona. However, Geronimo lived for another 22 years and was never allowed to return to Arizona. Why do you think that the United States government didn’t let Geronimo return to Arizona? Give examples to support your reasons. Write at last two reasons.

After watching the movie, I felt bad for the Apache people and how the United States army lied to them. They did not kept their word to the Apache people, the outlaw Apaches that led by Goyakla (Geronimo), to the Chiricahua Scouts, and The Apache Scouts from the White Mountain. First
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They took their land their houses their houses, and their weapons. Then, they end the services of the Apache Scouts, they took their guns and they sent them to Florida with the other Apache people even though they helped them capture Geronimo. Also, they did not kept their end of the deal with Geronimo. They told him that he have to go to Florida for two years and after two years he can return to Arizona, but they did not let him return to his home even after 22 years. In my opinion, I think the United States Government did not let Geronimo return to Arizona because he is a legend and he can start a war on the United States army like what he did when the army of the United States killed a dreamer. He killed the solders and he took most of the men, women, and children with him. Also, I think if he returned to Arizona he can revenge and revenge his people like what he told Mr. Gatewood that he did not learn to do anything except to revenge and always will get revenge. That’s was after a year when his wife and his two girls killed by the Mexican army. He killed more than 50 soldiers in his way to the Mexican border. When Mr. Gatewood came to him at
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