Gertrude's Emotions In Hamlet

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One's negative emotions should not control his or her actions. In the book, Hamlet, Hamlet has a soliloquy which shows how he can manage to just show his emotions when there are no people present around him. Hamlet has a behaviour of an enough matured man to hide what he really feels towards his mother and his uncle marrying each other two months after his father's death. It might be because his mother, Gertrude, cannot handle the suffering alone or maybe his uncle is the only person who is there for his mother to satisfy her needs. Whatever it is, Hamlet knows that there is something wrong in the situation. Hamlet's confusion of the way the other characters act towards his father's death has affected his feelings and respect towards them. …show more content…

His world's perspective is being influenced by the confusion he has with his mother's behaviour. The queen, Gertrude, once "... Followed [Hamlet's] father's body, like Niobe, all tears ... would have mourned longer - married with [Hamlet's] uncle" (I.ii.150). Hamlet compares her mother to Niobe who cried for a very long time for her children's death that she turned into stone. Gertrude does a similar act towards her husband's death but only for a short period of time. She finds her happiness from the love King Claudius, Hamlet's uncle, gives her two months after which seems to be unbelievable to Hamlet. He also thinks that his uncle cannot rule Denmark like his father who is "So excellent a king, that was, to this Hyperion on to a satyr, so loving to my mother that he might not between the winds of heaven visit her face too roughly" (I.ii.141). Hamlet has such love towards his dead father that he thinks he is the same as the Sun God, Hyperion, who once gave light to the world like how his father once made everything brighter in Denmark, especially his own family. Hamlet knows that his uncle is nothing compared to King Hamlet. He believes "My father's brother but no more like my father than I to Hercules" (I.ii.154). These beliefs prove that Hamlet's perspective towards the people around him such as his

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