Ghost Dance Argumentative Essay

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Imagine everything about where you lived changed completely. Sadly on December 29,1890 this happened to the Native Americans. They were living their life calmly and normal until a tangle of events started to happen that led to the death of possibly three hundred Native Americans. The death were of innocent people and some that weren't even fighting back upsettingly these death also included women and children.
Events leading up to this even started when the United States Government began to forcefully relocate the Native Americans tribes onto reservations. Some of the Native Americans were beginning to adopt the Ghost Dance religion. The Ghost Dance was a spiritual movement that started by a man named Wovoka who told everyone that he was a visionary and for the Native Americans he was seen as a Messiah. He claimed that a spirit came to him and showed him certain movements and songs Wovoka preached non-violence. Many Native Americans also abandoned their war like ways and followed this non-violence way in preparation for future happiness.
Sitting Bull was a famous chief, police tried to arrest Sitting Bull who they mistakenly believed was a ghost dancer they killed …show more content…

They were forced to leave their homes to move somewhere they did not know about. Also how badly they were treated and the war against one another unlike the Jews the Native Americans were not put in death camps but they were placed somewhere they had no idea about that area so in rebellion of not accepting this forced change the Native Americans decided to fight back against the Americans to get their ways and land back to the way it was before. During the war against Americans the Native Americans did lose a lot of lived like mother’s, children, men, women, people just in general who had loved one same as the

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