Overcoming Adversity In America

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In life, adversity can be a positive or negative, but by definition, adversity means hardship or struggle. Everyone has faced adversity at one point or another, good or bad. Through American history and still today, everyone has faced adversity. Certain groups of people have faced more adversity than others because they have been oppressed due to race and religion, among other things. Adversity breaks one down until they can be broken no more, and although adversity has a negative connotation, overcoming adversity can make one stronger, turning it into a positive.
When America was discovered and colonized, the indigenous peoples faced real hardships. Americans disliked anything that wasn’t European culture so they tried to eliminate tribal identities and assimilate the Native Americans into their culture. They outlawed certain Indian rituals such as the Ghost Dance and forced Indian children to speak English instead of their native languages. The constitution did not outline specific details for relations with Natives, so as America grew older, the government was left to deal with the Indians however they pleased. As America expanded west in the 1800s, conflict with natives was inevitable. In 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act of 1830, asking the natives to give up their land in exchange for money. Some refused to move off their native land, such as the Cherokees. As a result of this, they were removed and forced to make the journey known as the Trail of Tears.

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