Analysis Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette

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Not everyone is lucky in this world with great parents to care for them. People may not always know how great their parents are and take them for granted. A good parent is someone who will you whenever you need them and will love you no matter the situation. Parents may not always agree with your actions or words but they will love you unconditionally through any bad choice you make. For instance, imagine if you were to become something in life that was a horrible decision like being a thief and all you ever did was for your convenience and never seemed to do one good action. Eventually you would land yourself in jail because you stole something that wasn’t yours and now you have to pay the consequences. Your parents would eventually come and visit you. Although you are not what they thought you were gonna be and it might be disappointing at first ,but they still love you as their son or daughter. …show more content…

For example in the Glass Castle jeannette is presented with two parents but the one who stands out is her father. In the book jeannette faces a money issue for college that she cannot solve on her own. This causes jeanette to stress over her studies and causes her father to come to the rescue. Her father wasn’t always in good conditions for jeannette ;however, he managed to see jeannette so that he may give her the money she needed in order to keep going to college. Her father’s action meant that he will be their for her whenever she needs him and will help her as much as he

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