Goals Of Drinking Water

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One of the goals of the SDGs is to make sure that everyone has access to water and a good sanitary (UN Sustainable Development 2016). Water and sanitation is the basic human needs and yet billions of people are still having difficulties in accessing it (UN Sustainable Development 2016). 70% of our earth are covered with water and we often think that our water supply is very adequate for all of the people around the world (WWF 2016). According to WWF (2016), the water that we use to drink and bath or it is called the freshwater are very limited and only 3% of the total water around the globe are freshwater. As the result from this, around 1.8 billion of people around the globe use contaminated water as their source of drinking water and 2.4 billion of people do not have access to their basic needs which is the sanitation services such as lavatory (UN Sustainable Development 2016). By 2030, United Nations plan to accomplish the goals of everyone in the world have access to safe and cheap drinking water and have proper sanitation and hygiene for all of the people (UN Sustainable Development 2016). Company can use CSR to help achieve the SDGs goals to make sure every people has access to water and a good sanitary. Company can invest in some advance technology to help save water in their production, this could ensure that more people around the world can get access to freshwater. One of the company that invest in water technology and help in water sustainability through their CSR

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