The Sdgs: The Importance Of Water

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One of the goals of the SDGs is to make sure that everyone has access to water and a good sanitary (UN Sustainable Development 2016). Water and sanitation is the basic human needs and yet billions of people are still having difficulties in accessing it (UN Sustainable Development 2016). 70% of our earth are covered with water and we often think that our water supply is very adequate for all of the people around the world (WWF 2016). According to WWF (2016), the water that we use to drink and bath or it is called the freshwater are very limited and only 3% of the total water around the globe are freshwater. As the result from this, around 1.8 billion of people around the globe use contaminated water as their source of drinking water and 2.4…show more content…
Therefore, the importance of forest cannot be underrated (WWF 2016). Forest brings a lot of benefits to us such as forest supply us with the air that we breath, the table that made from wood that we use (WWF 2016). Furthermore, it also provides habitats for animals and some humans and prevent soil erosion (WWF 2016). According to WWF (2016), 30% of the earth’s surface are covered with forest and over 2 billion people depends on forest for their livings including 70 million native people. However, more than thirteen million hectares of forests are being destroyed every year because of the human’s activity such as deforestation and desertification (UN Sustainable Development 2016). This had threatened the people that depends on forest for living as the number of forest are decreasing each year. Moreover, it also brings harm to the rare animals and tree species that are in the forest (WWF 2016). When the forests are being destroyed, these animals and trees lost their natural habitats where they lived in. According to UN Sustainable Development (2016), 8% of all the total animal species in the world had extinct and 22% of all the animal species are endangered species. Therefore, one of the SDGs that the United Nation develop is to sustainably take care of the forest, fight desertification, stop and alter land degradation and biodiversity loss (UN Sustainable Development 2016). The goal is to promote the exercise of continual management of all types of forest, stop deforestation, rebuild disgraced forest and increase forest management and reforestation around the world by 2020 (UN Sustainable Development 2016). However, the cost to this operation is very high as the UN Forum on Forests Secretariat estimated that in order to accomplish this goal it would cost around 70 billion to 160 billion USD per year (UN Sustainable Development 2016). Therefore, corporate social

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