Good Vs Evil In Edward Scissorhands

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The setting of the movie in a classic suburban community around the 1950’s. The community aims for perfection in a way, that nothing odd is okay. That is why the mansion, where Edward Scissorhands has got residence, is a spot of dirt of the picture of perfection the community is trying to show. The color scheme makes the good versus evil theme very clear in the movie, in the way there is a clear contrast between good and evil. For example, the ‘good’ of the movie is shown, when we see the colors of the characters and the surrounding area. Another example is the dark colors of Edward Scissorhands’ residence and himself in general; a dark and gloomy look, which resembles sadness, death and depression. All characteristics we can relate to Edward Scissorhands and his backstory in general. The community works around the comfort of conformity; that means, that matching beliefs and values is the key to acceptance to town, where ‘Edward Scissorhands’ take place. …show more content…

The feeling of not being able to relate to any of the characters gives a dollhouse sort-of-feeling. The only character you feel something for, is Edward Scissorhands, who gives the viewer a sense of horror and sadness for his character. Even though Edward possesses an innocent and wary interior, the viewer can’t help but feel a bit frightened because of Edwards’ dangerous exterior and horrifying looks. When he is brought down from the castle and to the town, by Peg Boggs, he has got a hard time adapting to the traditional norms and conformity of the local

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