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Google analytics is the best way to improve their business for getting insights about the metrics. Small company can improve the increase and target sale of specific region by utilizing the web data with tools of google analytics. Small companies will not be able to find any scope by huge investments in ads of broad range. Depending on the products developed by small companies should be able to catchup the market of specific regions. So that they won't lost the money if they are specific to the region where they can improve business. Below are the tools of google analytics for small companies to understand and implement for penetrating into challenging market.
1. Data Analytics and Reporting
2. Data Activation

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Identifying the demographics of potential and valuable customers is useful for small companies for targeting campaigns and building audiences for remarketing. For an ecommerce site, you might want to identify user groups with the highest ecommerce revenue or conversion rate. Site which focuses on content might want to identify user groups with the highest engagement. So small companies get added advantage of targeted ads. The Gender, Age, and Interests reports all include conversion metrics and engagement. Small companies can start from any of these reports to build a picture of your high-value customers and improve their …show more content…

Companies can also see the economic impact of new users with the returning users.
User flow: User Flow is a graphical representation of the paths users took through company website, through the various pages, from the source, and where along their paths they exited company website. So that changes can be done accordingly to change interface or content in particular page.
Event tracking: This tool tells us how do visitors actually interact with company web pages or mobile app. This Event Tracking measure activities like video plays, downloads, and mobile ad clicks.
Data Activation
This tool of google analytics lets companies to make smarter marketing decisions, to improve marketing campaigns, experiment with new channels and content.
• Alerts & Intelligence
• Experiments
• Remarketing
Alerts & Intelligence: Google analytics monitors web traffic to detect significant statistical variations, they generates alerts when occur. It gives insights by having closer look that we may

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