Gordan Korman's Schooled Analysis

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In the novel Schooled, by Gordan Korman , the main character Capricorn Anderson was a thirteen year old boy that has never experienced the real world and who grew up on a hippie commune with only his grandmother, Rain. After Rain was hospitalized, Capricorn went from being home schooled his entire life to Claverage Middle School. This was an experience that changed his whole life because he didn’t know how to act around other kids. Capricorn gets bullied because he dresses like a hippie from the 1960’s and has no common knowledge of the current society. Capricorn gets elected class president because his classmates think it will be a hilarious joke and will be made a fool. In the end, it was a chance for Capricorn to get to learn about…show more content…
Back at Claverage Middle School, the kids were wondering where Capricorn went and why he was suddenly not in school. Since the Halloween dance was cancelled, all the kids dressed up like Capricorn to pay tribute to him because they thought he was dead, but he wasn’t! The kids were very touched by Capricorn because he, in many ways changed their lives and they were grateful for him. Meanwhile back at Garland, Capricorn decides to head back to Claverage Middle School to attend the Halloween dance that he was planned. On the way, Sophie saw Capricorn walking and gave him a ride. Sophie took Capricorn to the dance and they dressed up as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse! When Sophie and Capricorn arrived they heard people talking about Capricorn. For example someone said, “ His tie chia made me lose 11 pounds”. Lastly Hugh screamed in sorrow “Cap you were too young to die”. Next, out of the blue Capricorn said “No need to cry Hugh. I am not dead”. Everyone went wild and they were cheering and screaming with joy. Capricorn made a touching speech to all the kids. Finally, Rain showed up to the dance and Capricorn had to leave and go back to Garland. He said goodbye to every single kid at the dance individually and headed back to Garland with
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