Government Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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In Fahrenheit 451 the theme of the book is all about Censorship. This Novel connects with world history and how the government censors things. The government controls everything from literature, news media, entertainment, internet, and communication. The population is under control by the government and they follow there commands. In Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451, the government controls literature and entertainment. The novel is really close on how the government would censor everything in the future. In history and in the present the government from America to North Korea would censor anything. In Fahrenheit 451 the government censorships all forms of literature. They go on to say that people did not chose to stop reading, but the …show more content…

The characters of the t.v. talk directly to the viewer using his/her name. That is there only entertainment. They use it so that they can see and the are controlled by the television. When they watch that it destroys their ability to think from watching the television. The government censors the channels so that people can not see what the government wants them to see. In our entertainment they will censor things like movies. They censor them because they do not want bad things to be seen by the public. They censor movies and tv shows. They do this because they do not want any things to bee seen by the public. The government does not want any bad things for people to see. The government will always censor things about them that they do not want the people to …show more content…

The way that there was censorship was that Faber invented little radios that were used to communicate with Montag. He would talk to Montag about what they wanted to do. When Montag was going to burn his house, Beatty saw the thing that Montag had in his ear. They did not have any form of communication. Then Beatty said that he was going to track the thing to see who Montag was talking to. This is how they have censorship, they are not allowed to talk without them listening who is on other side. It is also known for the government to listen to us communicating in our phones. They can hear us talking in our phones to get information that they need to solve something. The government listens for bad things that people are going to do. They are censoring our phone calls by listening to

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