Government In Ancient Rome

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Introduction Ancient Rome was a very powerful society. The Romans were tired of being ruled by a king, they fought againsest their last king and made a republic. The republic was where the people choose their leaders. The republic is a democracy and wanted to meet the common good for everyone. The Roman republic was somewhat meeting the common good. Usually only the higher class people were the ones benefited, and the slaves did most of the hard work and didn’t have any rights. It wasn’t very fair for lower class people. There were five main purposes of government which were promote rule of law, provide public services, support the economic system, protect rights, and prepare for a common defense. Each part of the government was important…show more content…
This part of the government would probably earn a C as a grade. The citizens of Rome would vote for their leaders, but only free adult men were citizens. Women, children, and slaves couldn’t vote and weren’t citizens. They tried to make the laws apply to all citizens, no matter if they’re poor or rich. They put the laws on tablets called the twelve tables so everyone can see it. Some of the laws included, that if you were called to court and you didn’t show up, then you would either be arrested or forced to go. Also, once every three days you could stand in front of someones house and scream at how they weren’t doing their duty as a citizen if they refused to be a witness in court. Additionally, Anyone that died had to be buried or burned outside of Rome. If you were rich you couldn’t marry someone that was poor. Citizens were always innocent until they were proven guilty. Those were some of the laws that they had in ancient Rome. The Roman legal system spread as they conquered the Mediterranean. The judges would base their decisions on, common sense, individual rights, and fairness. The laws didn’t protect and apply to slaves and non-citizens. There were two parts written and unwritten laws. Most laws were verbal until later written down. The slaves were considered property and could become free by their owners but it wasn’t common. They could be freed if their owner died, they became too expensive to feed, or the slaves could buy their own freedom. The Romans would earn a higher grade if the laws protected people that weren’t citizens and also slaves. There weren’t many citizens and it wasn’t always fair. If they made the laws apply to everyone in Rome, then they would’ve probably gained an A or
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