Tarquin's Monarchy

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There have been many differing opinions that surfaced about Tarquin’s monarchy. There have been some opinions given by major writing figures, such as Marcus Tullius Cicero and Seneca the Younger. Cicero thought that the monarchy was one of the worst things that happened in Roman history, while Seneca thought that the monarchy was not as bad as everyone made it seem. However, of the most important ones to come about is that of Brutus. He led the revolution, so his opinion was biased. However, his speeches that he gave helped to incite the Romans in order to make a change. One of his most famous speeches that he did was right when the overthrow was happening. He wanted to try and bring order to a somewhat crazy state that Rome was in.
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One would have to force some implication of the law in order for there to be some form of the law existing in a time of chaos. With Tarquin, only he was allowed to make decisions, but with Brutus, the people would finally use all of their rights and cast votes. It wasn’t just that speech, though, that incited the people. There was another speech given by Brutus in order to make the people calmer and adamant that they made the right choice in overthrowing the monarchy.
“Now that our first measures have been confirmed in the manner required, hear also what we have further resolved concerning the form of our government. It was our decision, upon considering what magistry [political power] should be in control of affairs, not to establish the kingship again, but to appoint two annual magistrates [the consuls] to hold the royal power, these men to be whomever you yourselves shall choose in the comitia [assembly], voting by centuries. If therefore, this also is your pleasure, give your votes to that …show more content…

Forcing a system on the people may have seemed like a tyrannical move, but if he did not do that then Rome would have been in complete anarchy. Brutus was very adamant about not letting another king rule in Rome, due to fear of another Tarquin being in power. The people were allowed to choose the consuls, so if the consuls then did not serve the people, it would be somewhat the people’s fault for choosing the consuls. With the system of the monarchy, the people had no input on who would be the ruler, so the king would face all of the blame. This system gave no power to the people, whilst under Brutus’s new republic (which was referred to as the Roman Republic), the people actually had a say in what was happening in their town. Brutus was one of Rome’s greatest leaders, because he was not afraid to make a change, and he also was there to support his people in times of

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