Supreme Court Of Clarence Thomas Essay

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Hello diary. I address you today with confusion and apprehension, with consternation and disappointment, disappointment in a country that I fear has let me down. I write to you asking for help, guidance, and strength. I write to you regarding the President’s nomination for Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, hoping the words I write breed clarity and confidence in my future actions. I first heard of Bush’s selection in the paper this morning. The words written across the front page were impossible to miss, so large and so bold, I could hear them screaming, shouting, almost shrieking into my ears. These words wanted to infiltrate my mind, resonate within me, and conquer my every thought. And it worked. The headline read: Clarence Thomas: The New Thurgood Marshall. I sat there, initially speechless, initially apathetic, incapable of comprehending. I said those words over and over in my brain until I finally realized this was reality. President Bush had nominated Clarence Thomas to replace …show more content…

I pretended nothing had changed. I pretended today was just like yesterday, just like the day before, just like tomorrow was supposed to be. But I couldn't focus, I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t communicate. My thoughts were racing, my heart was beating, my brain was crashing, and in the back of my mind all I could think about was him… Clarence Thomas, the man who made my life an inescapable hell. I thought about the times he lured me into his office, the way he described his sexual pleasures, his refusal in allowing me to leave before he wanted me to. All I could think about was him. I remembered how he went into excruciating detail about his fantasies, women having sex with animals, rape scenes and group sex, his vivid description of his anatomy, and his intent to make me touch it. All I could think about was him. How inconsequential I was to him then. How inconsequential I am to him now that he will hold the highest power in the free

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