Greed In Julius Caesar Essay

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Carlos Garcia
Mr. Lesniewicz
12 April 2023
“Et tu, Bruté?” questioned Caesar in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar before being stabbed by his best friend, Brutus, the leader of the conspirators (III.i.79). Fortunately for Brutus, he is known as “an honorable man”, having personal qualities that people admire, which clears doubts of the murder at first. Caesar’s leadership was put down before anything occurred due to the thoughts of others, such as Brutus, without consideration of the positive impact that could’ve happened. Throughout the play, Brutus knows that he committed a mistake, and the uproar of the public was the adverse effect that he has aspired for. Mark Antony took Caesar's death and became a leader of his own followers and without limitation of any kind of power, which resulted in a disaster of deaths, destruction, and betrayal. Therefore, the conflict of Caesar’s death and the events that happen afterward leave political messages …show more content…

Although not all of the conspirators show jealousy, most of them do and being part of the group puts consequences on your actions which cause harm. Many will also say that Brutus was doing the right thing and that he wasn’t trying to harm his city, but if Brutus would’ve won the final battle Rome would’ve still had a leader, like it was stated in “ The Problem of Classical Republicanism”, “ Had he won, he would, like them, have had to rule Rome, and thereby enslave Romans, losing their loyalty” (Burns 60). Therefore, the actions against the leader led to an overall harm to the city in that time and in our world today we see many conflicts against leaders that cause massive harm and

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