Julius Caesar Conspiracy Essay

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Brutus did not have sufficient evidence in order to join the conspiracy and kill Julius Caesar. Brutus never knows for certain that Caesar is a threat to the Roman royalty and its people. He merely acts on suspicion and manipulative words from Cassius. Of course Brutus does not know this, but Cassius has been drafting a plan using forged letters of support in order to trick Brutus into turning his back on an old friend. The beginning to Brutus’s inner thoughts reveal that he is questionable of his ambitions, meaning that he believes that Caesar’s plan for Rome and its people is wrong, but never knowing for sure. In the beginning of Brutus’s soliloquy (Act II, Scene i, Lines 10-15), Brutus states to the audience that he has no real reason to oppose Caesar, and that he is questioning what being crowned king will do to his ambition as a leader. Brutus fears that Caesar will become a rambunctious tyrant, doing only what is best for him and ignoring the needs of the people of Rome. At this point, Caesar had not even been crowned king of Rome by the Senate, and the conspiracy group is going off of pure speculation. Caesar has shown very little, if any signs of being a maniacal leader who will only worry about his best interests. Caesar has simply been …show more content…

However, as already stated, Brutus is sticking to a plan that is similar in nature to what Caesar has already done to get to the position he is currently in. At the end of Brutus’s soliloquy (Act II, Scene i, Lines 25-34), he explains how ambition is common the downfall of a young man, and that he is bound to betray those around him once he feels the need to break free when he is not satisfied with his amount of power. Brutus is just a young man in himself, full of ambition just like Caesar. Brutus has the ability to change his ambitions just as fast as Caesar would in2 a position of such power and

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