Theme Of Greed In Silas Marner

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The characters in the article Silas Marner, Ebenezer Scrooge, and The Grinch are driven by greed in such a way that the greedier they become, the less human they appear. At the end of their stories they all end with great happiness. They all become more generous at the end and they all seem to become human again (Yellow 2). People use the name Silas Marner and Ebenezer Scrooge for people that are a greedy (pink 157). Scrooge is a perfect example of a person that is a very greedy person (Green 1). Silas and his fiancée, save money and they both make it a habit of giving a large portion of their wealth to charities. He eventually loses his fiancée to his best friend William Dane who is a thief and a liar. William and his ex-fiancée steal all …show more content…

On New Years Marner finds something came into his bungalow. At first he thinks it is gold but when he reaches out to grab it he notices that it isn’t gold it is a human, a little girl (green 4). Eppie completely turns Marners mind away from money (Orange 498, 504). His neighbor Dolly helps him raise Eppie (Orange 509). Eppie marks the beginning of Marners ability to leave his addiction for gold. Eppie combines both gold and love. Silas’s money doesn’t have any meaning in his life anymore as symbols of gold and becomes a unique, and of a human obsession (Orange 509). Eppie becomes joy, happiness, and a purpose in Silas’s life. She doesn’t just replace the coins; she completely removes them (Orange …show more content…

Where he discovers his selfishness and where it started. Scrooge continued his obsession through gain through the pursuit of his money (Yellow 3). Scrooge becomes more bitter and cold hearted because he isn’t capable to control people that is in his life nor is he able to control what happens to those people. He also doesn’t want to experience a broken heart like he did with Belle. He can however control his portion of life and he can control his ability to earn money.
Scrooge and Silas have super natural events that is one thing that they have on common. Silas has these events called fits that he has no control over. Scrooge has ghost that will visit him later in his life and try to change him from being greedy to being happy. They both have child saviors named Eppie and Tiny Tim. Eppie was Marners child savior, she changes his way of seeing gold as a must have object, to a plan object. Tiny Tim is Ebenezer Scrooges child savior he changes his way of thinking that he doesn’t have any purpose in life; to not waiting to get up in the

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