Greek Mythology: A Comparison Of Aphrodite And Hercules

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Everyone knows who Zeus is. But are you aware of all his daughters and sons? Well, there’s Apollo, there’s Ares and Hermes, Athena, there’s Aphrodite and Hercules. Wait, what about Aphrodite? Aphrodite was the goddess of love, desire, beauty. Some of her symbols were roses, a swan, a dove, and a myrtle tree. She was married to Hephaestus, a god of fire and metalworking. Aphrodite had a magical belt made by Hephaestus to appear irresistible to others. Did you know that there were two myths about her birth? One was that she was the daughter of Zeus and Dione. The other tells us that after Cronus deposited several body parts of Uranus (otherwise known as the sky) into the sea, Aphrodite arose from the sea on a giant scallop.

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She spent all night setting everything up near the course. The next morning she woke up ready to run at the starting line with her rose in hand. As soon as Aphrodite heard the signal to start running, she sped in front of all the others. While she was running, she heard two screams come from a yard away. That came from Nike and Artemis in the colorful trap Aphrodite set the night before. She looked back and saw that Hera was walking slowly towards the swan that Aphrodite set up so that she would get hypnotized. Aphrodite grinned and waited for the exact moment to set her next trick up.
When Athena came up next to Aphrodite, she smiled. Aphrodite pretended to notice a bull coming behind Athena and yelled “BULL!!!” Athena’s eyes widened in fear and began to run frantically into the woods, far away from the finish line. Artemis seemed to overhear and said, “Where? I shall kill it!” Aphrodite pointed in the direction Athena was running and Artemis rushed off. Aphrodite sped off into the distance, where she saw the finish line. But when she got closer, Aphrodite saw two figures waiting impatiently and staring at her. She slowed down and saw that the two figures were the judges of the

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