Greek Mythology's Hades: God Of The Underworld

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Hades: God of the Underworld
Greek mythology is the stories of Gods and Heros and Monsters.It was used in Ancient Greece to explain the unknown why it rained,and why the earth shook.It also provides the Gods backstory and their powers.One of the Gods is Hades King of the dead whose parents are Cronus and Rhea.Hades brothers are Poseidon and Zeus,Hades powers were wealth and riches (“Hades”).
Hades is not an evil God but not a friendly one either; his strength were wealth and riches.His weaknesses was Persephone because he cared deeply for her,she was his wife,and his passion towards her.Hades relationship with the other Gods is not strong the Gods themselves have an aversion of Hades because he was the least liked God (“Greek Gods & Goddesses”). …show more content…

Hades is a greedy and wealthy God but not evil as some might think his story is tragic as he lived a life of pain and suffering. Hades was used and is important in greek mythology to explain the afterlife of where the dead go.One of the most interesting facts about Hades is that his symbol is a helmet which makes him invisible the helmet was a gift from

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