Gregor Samsa Thesis

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“The Birds That Fly Out Their Cage”

Since the moment we are born we are taught to depend on others. The newborn cries and yearns for its mother seeking affection, nourishment, and protection. We are coaxed to believe that surrounding ourselves with friends and family that we will be happy. But as Gregor Samsa from the novel The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka had experience this is not the case, and those who we believed to be be our source of happiness can become the chains that hinder us. Yet we are still taught that those who withdraw themselves suffer the most. They are called antisocial by society, a problem child by the education system, and a freak by their peers. The introvert is misunderstood and pressured to believed they must conform to the standards or they will have no place in society and are not seen for their true abilities.
The beauty found in self isolation is blemished by the linking image of depression which is the leading cause of suicide. Of course when linked with such an image no wonder that isolation would be misunderstood. But self isolation has been practiced a for thousands of years before being linked to such thoughts in the form of meditation. You separate yourself from the busy world around you and find peace in oneself. You are not apart of a community, you …show more content…

He was betrayed by the ones he trusted and protected. He was forced to carry the burden caused by another. If he had broke ties he would not have been died, he would not have suffered. Reliance is what killed Gregor, isolation is what would have saved him precedent to the novel. When you choose to isolate yourself you also choose to rely solely on yourself. You become your own pillar of support, and in turn you strengthen your self-identity. You acknowledge yourself for who you are, and learn your own limitations. You become a problem solver, you learn how to accomplish goals in ways that suit you

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